Novel Representation of Clinical Information in the ICU: Developing User Interfaces which Reduce Information Overload.

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ABSTRACT- The introduction of electronic medical records (EMR) and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) into the intensive care unit (ICU) is transforming the way health care providers currently work. The challenge facing developers of EMR's is to create products which add value to systems of health care delivery. As EMR's become more prevalent, the potential impact they have on the quality and safety, both negative and positive, will be amplified. In this paper we outline the key barriers to effective use of EMR and describe the methodology, using a worked example of the output. AWARE (Ambient Warning and Response Evaluation), is a physician led, electronic-environment enhancement program in an academic, tertiary care institution's ICU. The development process is focused on reducing information overload, improving efficiency and eliminating medical error in the ICU.

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