Ambient Clinical Analytics was featured in Best Business News - Ambient

Ambient Clinical Analytics was featured in Best Business News

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Rock Health has announced its sixth class of startups. These seven startups have been working out of the new office of the San Francisco-based digital health accelerator for five months, but were just announced by the accelerator. Like other recent classes, they received a $100,000 in investment and a variety of other perks during their stay in the program.

Some startups are still in stealth mode, while others have been making news right along during the past five months. They include startups working on both provider and consumer options, and many of them have already secured significant early investments.

Ambient Clinical Analytics

Ambient, a startup that spun out of the Mayo Clinic, raised $1.1 million in February for a product suite that includes three software platforms developed and tested by Mayo Clinic physicians, all of which are designed to make it easier for doctors to extract the information they need for a particular patient at a particular time from their hospitals’ information systems. The first is called “AWARE”, which stands for Ambient Warning and Response Evaluation. It’s an interface for EMR data that prioritizes and organizes a patient’s medical information in three ways: by organ, chronologically as a timeline, or as a customized checklist that displays only the next steps relevant to that case.

Another product, called Yes Board, is a patient tracking tool for emergency departments. The system, which has been used at Mayo for about five years, allows all staff members in the emergency department to monitor the location and status of all patients from monitor screens throughout the department. The final tool, called Synthesis, is a mobile viewer for both Aware and Yes Board, allowing doctors to access the same information from their iPads or iPhones. 

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