Brandix i3 in tactical channel partnership with Ambient Clinical Analytics

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Brandix i3, the IT and consulting company of the Brandix Group has been appointed a Strategic Channel Partner to Ambient Clinical Analytics, Inc., a US based company providing powerful bedside real-time critical decision support tools for ICU, Operating Room and Emergency Departments. Within the context of the partnership, Brandix i3 said its initial focus will be on the Mayo Clinic YES Board – a multi-patient management tool that will affect providers and patients in a positive way as it improves physicians’ ability to deliver care with all of the relevant and pertinent information at their disposal. Mayo Clinic YES Board utilises IT tools and analytics technology to deliver a scalable solution that makes world class tools available to healthcare providers on an affordable basis regardless of the size of the organisation. Brandix i3 partnered with Ambient Clinical Analytics to fast track its position to the forefront of the critical care patient monitoring market in the USA. “Ensuring patient service care is the main focus of healthcare providers. Managing patient data, discrete systems and complex operations are key challenges in the industry today. Ambient Clinicals’ powerful technologies tackle this issue and will change the way critical care providers operate, offering real-time, bed-side access to important information and analytics,” said Brandix i3 Chief Executive Officer Arjuna Sirinanda. “Ambient’s new technologies are exactly what healthcare systems need, to be more efficient in order to deliver best-in-class patient care, and we are excited to partner with Ambient to deliver these solutions to healthcare providers.” “The Brandix i3 team has supported these technologies through Ambient and the Mayo Clinic since inception, and understands the impact the technologies will have on patient care,” said Ambient Clinical Analytics Vice President Sales and Marketing Chris Fowler. “Because of its knowledge and experience in the healthcare field the team will be instrumental in the integration and implementation process.” “A partner like Brandix i3 whose experience in diverse enterprise integration projects for healthcare service providers is vital to help us grow our market power,” said Al Berning, Chief Executive Officer of Ambient Clinical Analytics. “Brandix i3’s developed competencies in healthcare technology systems and desire to help healthcare providers use their data and systems more efficiently to become more flexible and agile to deliver the best possible patient care, flows right into Ambient’s goals.”

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