CEO, Allen Berning Presenting at Halicon 2017 - Ambient

CEO, Allen Berning Presenting at Halicon 2017

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Eden Prairie, MN, October 6, 2017 - How Hospitals Can Reduce Healthcare Costs by Using Real-Time Analytics and Lean Quality

Halicon 2017 Analytics Lean In Conference at Optum in Eden Prairie, MN. This conference features presentations from leading minds in the field and engage in meaningful conversations with peers in the analytics community. Ambient's CEO, Allen Berning, presents on how using real-time analytics and lean quality can reduce costs for hospitals.

Reducing costs, along with reducing errors and eliminating waste, is a top priority in the healthcare industry, especially with falling reimbursements and growing expenses. Health systems are feeling the squeeze. Hospitals are focused on succeeding in the Triple Aim and real-time analytics, which combined with Lean Quality techniques, can play a huge part in quality improvement and cost reduction projects. This session will explore:

  • Using Lean Quality Techniques and Real-Time Analytics Tools to Reduce Avoidable Errors
  • The Evolution of Real-Time Analytics based Clinical Decision Support Tools into FDA Class 2 Medical Devices
  • Targeting Sepsis Detection and Treatment as a Specific Lean Quality Improvement Project
  • Exploring Approaches to Sustain Long Term Lean Quality Improvement Success


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