Clinic YES Board™
Timely patient care delivery based on delivery of pertinent information resulting in higher patient and provider satisfaction.

Mayo Clinic YES Board™ is a multi-patient workflow management tool used in emergency departments and acute care settings to provide real-time situational awareness. The dashboard tool provides at-a-glance information for the facility to improve efficiency and patient flow. Optionally, passive RFID location can be integrated into the tool for enhanced clarity on current patient location, staff location, and location of specific equipment.

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Today’s ED

  • Where is the patient?
  • Are they in imaging, their room, or the waiting area?
  • Who is with the patient? Who should be with the patient?
  • What patient should I see next? Are lab or imaging results for this patient back yet?
Mayo Clinic YES BoardTM answers these questions.
Length of stay
Non-contact time with clinical staff
Clinical contact time
Without YES Board
4+ hours –
3.3 hours –
ED “waiting time”
17% of total visit time
With YES Board
2 hours –
LOS reduced 50%
40 min –
Wait time <35% of LOS
64% of total visit time

Mayo Clinic YES Board provides:

  • Patient Information: Patient’s current status is displayed graphically.
  • Care Team Information: Provides details about the current care team and availability of on-call staff.
  • Facility Information: Shows facility status, including bed availability, OR status, etc.
  • Community Information: Provides community status such as diversions to other facilities, weather conditions, etc.

YES Board
view is

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Available anywhere a monitor is displayed
  • Accessible by all care team members
  • A “Replay” feature enhances your ability to do process reviews and support Six Sigma Quality initiatives.

YES Board results

  • LOS reduced 50%
  • Wait time <35% of LOS
  • Patient contact time 64% of ER visit
  • Improved Patient and Provider Satisfaction
  • Documentation 99% complete/ accurate at disposition 50% improvement in ED throughput without adding staff or facilities