Healthcare in transition; delivering innovative bedside analytics

  • Reduce errors
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Save lives

Critical Care

A Critical Care decision support tool that reduces information overload by filtering for relevant patient data and providing best care practices for improved patient outcome.

Sepsis DART™

“Smart” alerts address important clinical problems.

Clinic YES Board™

Timely patient care delivery based on delivery of pertinent information resulting in higher patient and provider satisfaction.


The first hours that a patient enters the health care system are the "Golden Hours"

Delivering innovative bedside analytics

Ambient Clinical Analytics sells clinical decision support tools to hospitals to reduce overall health care costs and improve patient outcomes. It uses licensed Mayo Clinic technologies, which include over 1,000 rules and algorithms, to give critical care providers real-time point of care access to vital process-of-care information and analytics. Ambient tools address the Triple AIM to improve the patient experience, patient outcomes, and reduce overall healthcare cost. Ambient has achieved FDA Class II clearance for the patented AWARE™ software platform.

Сontrol Tower™

Situational awareness - anywhere

  • Point of care
  • Central monitoring
  • Remote/distributed access

All of Ambient’s products are well suited for delivering clinically important information at the point of care. But all of our products, either individually or in combination, can be configured to view multiple locations though a single access point. And they don’t need to be on the same EMR!


Ambient Clinical Analytics - Using Lean Quality and real-time analytics to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

The Ambient Clinical Analytics team has over 2 decades of experience in implementing lean quality programs in medical technology products software and storage and semiconductor technology products.

Implementing Lean Quality Methods:

  • Continuous flow of work
  • Process variation control
  • Error reduction and proofing
  • Eliminating delays and waste.
Ambient Clinical Analytics Products are Designed
to fit a Hospital’s Lean Quality - Six Sigma Programs

Proven to reduce errors and improve efficiency as demonstrated in Mayo Clinic published research.

Reasonable subscription based pricing that will show an ROI payback within several months.