Sepsis DART™
“Smart” alerts address important clinical problems.

Sepsis DART is a real-time decision support tool used in any acute care setting that identifies potential Sepsis conditions when they occur and assists in guiding the care team through detection and the process of care. Sepsis DART has achieved FDA Class II clearance as part of the AWARE™ software platform.

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State of Sepsis today

Sepsis strikes more than a million Americans each year and up to 50% of these people may die, more than the number of US deaths from prostate cancer, breast cancer, and AIDS combined. Sepsis results in prolonged stays in the ICU and requires complex therapies. Sepsis is the most expensive condition to treat, an estimated cost of $20 billion in 2011 in the United States alone.

Sepsis DART

As the patient moves, Sepsis DART moves with them, from the ED to the ICU, from the ICU to the hospital floor. Then, more importantly, Sepsis DART monitors and clearly communicates delivery of the sepsis treatment bundle to the entire sepsis rescue team to improve care delivery in the critical first 6 hours per CMS guidelines. Sepsis DART enhances communications and care coordination oversight across your institution. Sepsis DART provides both control tower oversight and at the patient bedside to keep the entire sepsis rescue team on the same page for the best patient outcome.

Sepsis DART Advantage

  • Both alerts & treatment monitoring
  • Follows the patient between department & facility transfers
  • Intuitive & customizable